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2018 Grace Foley Scholarship Recipient:

Valentina Tamayo

Grace Foley Scholarship

School Year 2022-2023

Application Due:  April 15, 2023

Announcements:  May 1, 2023


Thank you for applying to the distinguished Grace Foley Scholarship. 


The Grace Foley Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for graduating seniors from Timber Creek High School (TCHS) who excel in community service and exhibit leadership skills that sets you apart.     

Included is criteria for this application; Scholarship Eligibility, Essay Guidelines, Application Submission Guidelines, and the Review Committee Guide.

In your essay, describe your volunteer experience and examples of how you stand out among your peers 


Scholarship Eligibility and Essay Guidelines:

·       Student must attend, within one year, a College or University.

·       Applicants must have intent at pursuing an undergraduate degree on a full-time basis.

·       Scholarship is non-renewable.

·       Student must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.

·       Student must live in East Orange County.

·       Student must be registered at Timber Creek High School.

·       Student must graduate Timber Creek High School by the end of the school year.

·       Submit two (2) letters of recommendation:

1.     TC Instructor or Administrator.

2.     Volunteer experience related to your application.

·       Awards are selected in May of the designated academic school year.

·       Applicants must submit a typed essay with a maximum of 500 words.

·       Applications that fail to meet the requirements or are incomplete will not be reviewed.

·       Scholarship winners may be asked to provide additional information.

·       Emails will be sent to all students who submit a complete application letting them know if they have or have not been selected for an award.

·       Awards will be notified prior to Senior Graduation from Timber Creek High School.

·       Awards will be mailed to the designated school (College or University) of choice under the Award Winner’s name and applied to applicable account.

·       Up to $5,000 will be awarded to the selected winners.  Amount awarded subject to qualifications and eligibility.   

·       Must be willing to be photographed and sign a waiver for media relations.




Application Submission Guide:


A. Submit to:


B. Email Subject:

1. “Your Name” - CBSA


C. Email information:  

1. Legal first and last name

2. Address:

3. GPA

4. Expected graduation year from Timber Creek High School

5. Name of your expected College/University

6. Parent/Guardian name

7. Parent/Guardian phone number

8. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator name as an academic and community activities reference

9. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator contact number

10. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator email


D.  Essay (Attachment to email)

·       Word Document – 500 words maximum.

·       The essay title must include your legal name.


Review Committee Guide:

1.  Scoring

·       Application – instructions were followed and submitted before the deadline.

·       Essay is written with a maximum of 500 words.

·       Essay is well written and provides insight into their volunteer service and leadership, and how they stand out in the Timber Creek High School student body.

·       Provides how their service to the community sets them apart from their peers

Savannah Brown Recipient.jpg

Savannah Brown
2022 Recipient

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