2018 Grace Foley Scholarship Recipient:

Valentina Tamayo

Grace Foley Scholarship

School Year 2020-2021

Application Due:  April 16, 2021

Announcements:  May 1, 2021


Thank you for applying to the distinguished Grace Foley Scholarship. 


The Avalon Park Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to encourage friends and neighbors to take part in positively influencing our community through service.


Ø  The Grace Foley Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for graduating seniors from Timber Creek High School (TCHS) who excel in community building and service leadership.  This scholarship is dedicated to Mary Grace Foley who was a student at TCHS. 


Ø  Below you will find the criteria for this application that include Scholarship Eligibility, Application Guidelines, Essay Instructions, and Submitting the Application.   


Scholarship Eligibility

·         Student must attend, within one year, a College or University.

·         Applicants must have intent at pursuing an undergraduate degree on a full-time basis.

·         Scholarship is non-renewable.

·         Student must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.

·         Student must live in East Orange County.

·         Student must attend Timber Creek High School.

·         Student must graduate Timber Creek High School by the end of the school year.

·         TC Instructor or Administrator letter of recommendation.


Scholarship Application Guidelines

·         Awards are selected in May of the designated academic school year.

·         Applications must include a Timber Creek High School Instructor or Administrator as proof of eligibility as a reference.

·         Applicants must submit a typed essay with a maximum of 500 words.

·         Applications that fail to meet the requirements or are incomplete will not be reviewed.

·         Scholarship winners may be asked to provide additional information.

·         Emails will be sent to all students who submit a complete application letting them know if they have or have not been selected for an award.

·         Awards will be notified prior to Senior Graduation from Timber Creek High School.

·         Awards will be mailed to the designated school (College or University) of choice under the Award Winner’s name and applied to applicable account.

·         A maximum of five (5), one thousand ($1,000) dollar awards will be awarded to the selected winners.

·         Must be willing to be photographed and sign a waiver for media relations.

·         Applications are available at the Timber Creek High School Guidance Counselors office.


Submitting the application:


Please return/email the application and include the following information to:


Subject: “Your Name” - CBSA


A. (In the body of the email)

1. Legal first and last name

2. Address:

3. GPA

4. Expected graduation year from Timber Creek High School

5. Name of your expected College/University

6. Parent/Guardian name

7. Parent/Guardian phone number

8. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator name as an academic and community activities reference

9. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator contact number

10. Timber Creek High School Instructor / Administrator email


B. (Email Attachment)

1. Essay Theme:   Perseverance

·         Word Document – 500 words maximum.

·         The essay title must include your legal name.

·         Please describe your most meaningful volunteer experience and how you stand out in the Timber Creek High School student body as a high achiever and what about your service to the community sets you apart from the rest.


C.  Review Committee

1.  Scoring

·         Application – instructions were followed and submitted before deadline.

·         Essay is written with a maximum of 500 words.

·         Essay is well written and provides insight to the most meaningful volunteer experience.

·         Candidate provides insight as to how they stand out in the TCHS student body.

·         Provides how their service to the community sets them apart from others.