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Avalon Park Foundation Ed Lynt Legacy Award

School Year 2021-2022

Application Due:  April 15, 2022

Announcements:  May 1, 2022


Scholarship Eligibility

  • Student must attend, within one year, a College, University or post-secondary Vocational / Technical School.

  • Applicants must have intent of pursuing an undergraduate degree or field certification on a full-time basis.

  • Scholarship is non-renewable.

  • Student must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.

  • Student must have an identified disability with a current Individualized Education Plan at Timber Creek High School.   I would replace with “Student must be in the TCHS Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program and have an active IEP”

  • Student must attend Timber Creek High School.

  • Student must graduate Timber Creek High School by the end of the school year.


Scholarship Application Guidelines

  • Each applicant will work with the Timber Creek High School Selection Committee prior to submitting to The Avalon Park Foundation.   See Monica DiBiasa (she is no longer at TC – you can use my name or we can have the applications in the ESE office – room 519) for the application.

  • Applications are accepted from September – April of the designated school year.

  • Awards are selected in May of the designated school year.

  • Each applicant must be in the Timber Creek High School Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program, and use the Instructor or Administrator as proof of eligibility as a reference.

  • Applications that fail to meet the requirements or are incomplete will not be reviewed.

  • Scholarship winners may be asked to provide additional information.

  • An email will be sent to all students who submit a complete application letting them know if they have or have not been selected for an award.

  • Awards will be publicized prior to Senior Graduation from Timber Creek High School.

  • Awards will be mailed to the designated school of choice under the Award Winner’s name and applied to applicable account.

  • A scholarship award of $1000 will be given to the selected winner.

  • Award winner must be willing to be photographed and sign a waiver for media relations.



Submitting the application:


Please email the following information to:


Subject : “Your Name” – DDMASA


(In the body of the email)

  1. Legal first and last name

  2. Address (Must be in the Timber Creek High School District)

  3. GPA

  4. Expected graduation year from Timber Creek High School

  5. Name of your expected College / University / Vocational or Technical School

  6. Parent / Guardian name

  7. Parent / Guardian phone number

  8. Timber Creek High School Exceptional Student Education Instructor / Administrator name as an academic and IEP documentation reference.


(Please Attach)

  1. Essay – Telling about your career goals, what you plan to study and why you want to further your education. Also, describe the impact of the Exceptional Student Education program and how it has helped you. 

    1. 500 word maximum

    2. Please include your legal name in your title

    3. Correct grammar, spelling and neatness guidelines apply

Please return the application before April 15th, 2022 to:

Avalon Park Foundation

Avalon Park Foundation Ed Lynt Legacy Award



Chloe Deckert

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